Monday, July 18, 2011

How did that happen?

As you can see, I haven't blogged in over a month. SO much has been going on in my life that it's taken a spot on the back burner. I decided to log in just to see when my actual last post was and I noticed I had 6 new followers! How does that happen? Well, to those of you who are new, welcome :)

This past month really has been crazy.

We moved. At the end of May, the hubby and I discussed moving out of our apartment. We threw out the pro's and con's and started praying about what we should do. The third week of June, we decided we were going to move. We contacted the leasing office to find out what our options were (our lease didn't actually end until the middle of September. They said if we didn't find someone to take over our lease, we would have to pay the remaining months rent. That would have defeated the purpose of moving! We gave them permission to start showing our apartment if anyone was interested. That Saturday we got a call that someone wanted to walk through at 1PM. By 2-2:30 we got a call saying they signed for the apartment. They liked the colors we had on the walls so we didn't have to paint them all back to white (YAAAYY!). The leasing office said they wanted to move in at the end of July and asked if it would be enough time for us to be out by the 15th.  We agreed. Later that evening the hubby mentioned that since he was off the following week, maybe if we could be out by the 1st, we would not have to pay that months rent. The leasing office was already closed so we couldn't check on that. Monday morning rolled around, Chad got a hold of them and they said yes; if we could be out by that weekend (the 1st) we would not have to pay any July rent. Sooooo... I was off work Monday, we had a birthday dinner Tuesday night, church Wednesday  night, I had my First Place class Thursday night and then Friday was the weekend. That didn't leave me as much help. The hubby rose to the occasion though. He got us all packed and moved in ONE WEEK!!! He's pretty flipping amazing :)

That week was a great opportunity for him to get everything done since he was off work. His previous positions have been contract spots and were only a few months long. After his last one ended, he searched for a new spot. Really praying for a permanent position instead of another contract. Well, that's exactly what he got. He received the offer in the middle of June and they said he would start on July 5th. Another transition but he is absolutely loving the new job!

For a while now, we've known that the hubby's car needed to be replaced. Aside from mechanical reasons, It was lowered which means you could feel every little bump in the road! Last Friday we went and looked at a car for him... It was a great deal!!! They did a little negotiating and we said we would think about it and get back to them. After discussing it and talking to the bank, a price was agreed on that Saturday. Saturday hubby listed the old car for sale. HIS PHONE DID NOT STOP GOING OFF from the time he listed it until the FOLLOWING day when he had cash in hand for the purchase. That meant he went a few days having to borrow his dad's car, but overall it worked out!

Now we are trying to get settled in to life again.

Hope everyone is doing great - I'll post again :)