Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ABC’s and the Power of Three

While I was catching up on some blog posts, I came across this list circling the blog world and decided to answer the questions :)
A. Age: 29 (for about another month)

B. Bed size: King

C. Chore you hate: dishes or scrubbing the shower

D. Dogs: I like dogs but don’t know if I want to be a dog-owner again

E. Essential start to your day: breakfast! I used to skip it but I know that’s bad for you

F. Favorite color: Blue

G. Gold or silver: Silver

H. Height: I don’t really know the answer to this… I am a different height at the doctor’s office vs. the gym and both of those are different from where I was a few years ago (oddest thing!) So, somewhere between 5’3-5’5

I. Instruments you play: Does my cell phone count?

J. Job title: Business Specialist

K. Kids: None yet, even though everyone keeps trying to talk us into having one

L. Live: Ohio

M. Mom’s name: Tina

N. Nicknames: Chris… that’s about all I’ve got

O. Overnight hospital stays: zero

P. Pet peeve: When people lie to me or when people complain all the time

Q. Quote from a movie: Can I use a commercial instead? “It makes sense if you don’t think about it” LOL I LOVE that line!

If I have to pick a movie though, I’d say from Dumb and Dumber (bolded below)

Lloyd: What do you think the chances are of a guy like you and a girl like me ending up together?

Mary: Well Lloyd, that’d difficult to say… I mean, we don’t really…

Lloyd: Hit me with it! Just give it to me straight! I came a long way just to see you Mary. The least you can do it level with me. What are my chances?

Mary: Not good

Lloyd: You mean, not good like one out of a hundred?

Mary: I’d say more like one out of a million

Lloyd: So you’re telling me there’s still a chance? YEAH!

R. Right or left handed: Right

S. Siblings: Just one older sister, Alecia

T. Time you wake up: it depends when I go to bed, between 6AM-8AM

U. Underwear: what about it?

V. Vegetables you dislike: peas

W. What makes you run late: Work… some days I just can’t get out on time and that puts me in a bind if I have plans afterwards

X. X-Rays you’ve had: Just on my teeth

Y. Yummy food you make: Do smoothies count? Lol my hubby loves when I make this.

Z. Zoo- favorite animal: All of the zoo-babies, especially the monkeys

I am pretty sure this is an old rule for eating healthy, but I’ve just started doing it this week. To keep your metabolic rate high, you should eat frequent, small meals throughout the day. You should also include three key ingredients at each meal; a source or protein, carbohydrates, and good fat… This is the part I added this week. Not only is it great for my metabolism, but it keeps me feeling fuller longer. It’s fabulous! Does anyone have healthy eating tips they can share?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Training in progress

Tomorrow is my long run for the week and I'm really excited about it! The weather is going to be beautiful for starters. 70 degrees? Yes please! I'm going to enjoy it while I can because it's supposed to get pretty flippin cold again this weekend.

Monday in addition to my training miles, I did steps with my trainer... 42 flights of stairs up and down. HOLY COW my legs were sore... and still are, kind of. I skipped yesterdays miles because of how sore my legs were, but resumed today with my scheduled cross training. They feel much better! Every time I feel the pain I think of the logo on an inperspire towel...

'Pain is just weakness leaving the body'
I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! Any big or exciting plans?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

What a weekend

I am really sad the weekend is already over. Friday night after the marriage conference was over, they played a few games. Chad and I got to play 'The Newly Wed Game' with two other couples and we won! Woo-Hoo! We had to redeem ourselves from the last time we played. That was at our engagement party and we failed miserably. Ha, ha! I don't think we got a single answer right that time! This time we got two out of three questions and the other two couples only got one right. Go us! We won a gift card to Five Guys Burgers and Fries... YUM!

Saturday was the rest of the marriage conference - the whole thing was really great! Chad and I had a good time. After the conference was over we came home, had lunch and took a LONG nap! Then we went to a surprise birthday dinner for our friend Stacey, got some cold stone, then went bowling. It was such a great time!

Today church was AMAZING. We had a guest speaker and the message was incredible. Check it out hereThe title is 'What to do when you don't know what to do'. After church was lunch, washing car (much needed) grocery and my recovery run. I'm getting spoiled with this beautiful weather! In the 40's-50's all week!!! Tonight I made my hubby a Valentine's dinner - filet mignon, baked potatos, and broccoli with cheese. We got our dinner in tonight because tomorrow we're spending the evening with some friends.

Can I vent a little before I go? Well, not really vent, but I'm not sure what it is. I have a place that I know is my 'healthy' place... It's not a weight number and not so much the body fat %, but it's when I actually feel comfortable in my own skin and in my clothes. This past week has been really frustrating for me because I feel like I'm getting too far away from that point. I don't completely understand because I've gotten back to a regular exercise routine! Some people have said it's just in my head, everyone has 'fat days' (and for the record I don't like that term). Mine is a little different though, my tummy actually swells up when I eat certain things. I'd avoid them but I don't know what they all are... I'm contemplating going for allergy testing. Any-who, there's my vent or whatever you want to call it. I'm feeling very discouraged because I'm out of my 'healthy' range right now...

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I'm off to catch some of the Grammy's before I head to bed!

Friday, February 11, 2011

On another note...

Okay so this is a little off the running subject... Is anyone familliar with skin care (for your face)? I finally have a skin care routine that really works for me. BUT, I've been told it's important to exfolliate at least once a week. I actually only do it like once a month because every time I do I break out REALLY BAD. Normally with my routine, I hardly ever have a zit... Within 2 days of exfolliating, I have at least 3 bad ones :( Right now - there's 8 and I guess the reason I'm posting this. Do I really have to exfolliate or can I just quit? Is there a long term effect I'll be missing if I stop?

On another note, and back to running... training week 1 was great. I'm really excited that it is going to be in the 40's this weekend. It's been in the 20's for the past few weeks. I'm going to get outside to run and enjoy every minute of it :)

Tonight the hubby and I are going to a marriage coference at our church. They haven't had one in almost three years so I'm pretty excited about it.

Last random and then I'm out... Does anyone know how to get rid of (or satisfy in a healthy way) sweet cravings?

Happy Running!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's about time!

Next week officially starts training for the half marathon! I have a lot of emotions about it. I'm excited, scared, anxious, worried, ecstatic, the list could go on and on. One of the things I noticed that I'm a little worried or confused on is that some of the days/weeks have me running less miles than I would currently (not training). Do I hold back and follow the schedule or can I do more miles? I don't want to over-train but I'd like to at least keep up with my current pace and work my way up. Any thoughts?

A while back I posted on looking for a new gym bag. I'm still on the hunt, but right now I am looking at this one. I found it through Runners World, and while the magazine lists it as 'Pinnacle Performance Running Back Pack' I found it on Nike's website as the 'Cheyenne Vapor Running Backpack'. I thought the yellow would be great for any runner actually running with the backpack, but I just need it to store things. I think maybe the black or blue. I want something kind of stylish. Do you think the black could pass for that?