Thursday, March 24, 2011

Does that make me crazy?

The radio station I listen to does a segment in the mornings called ‘Does that make me crazy?’ Basically you call in and confess odd things that you do. In light of this segment, I thought I would share a few quirky things about myself.

1. If I spray something (perfume, cleaner, air freshener, etc), I will hold my breath until after I’ve sprayed and walked away… I can’t stand the thought of breathing in whatever I just sprayed in the air. If I’m looking for a new scent in something, I’ll spray it, turn away for enough time to let it settle and then take a sniff.

2. I love the heat. When it’s really hot outside and I get in my car, I will sit in the heat for a few minutes before actually turning on the air. Unfortunately this only works if I’m by myself, I have found other people do not like the heat as much as I do.

3. If I have to use the restroom (which I do a lot because I am CONSTANTLY drinking water) I won’t eat. I feel like I can’t really enjoy my food if I have the urge to go potty.

So there are just a few... really, I could go on and on. Do you have a quirk that might make you crazy?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Fabulous Friday

I hope everyone is having a fabulous Friday! Here is what my day will consist of...

8 miles...
(if only the route were this scenic)

Some much needed friend time here
and then here

And then a little R&R with the hubby and

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

IDS and Registration

In the locker room at the gym they always have healthy tips posted. Right now the tip is regarding IDS and how real it is. For those of you wondering what this mysterious acronym is, IDS = Irritable Desk Syndrome… I kid you not. I googled IDS and got all kinds of crazy finds, none of them being its said meaning. Next I tried irritable desk syndrome. Now I didn’t shuffle through the 155,000 results google found, but I glanced at the first few pages. None of the finds were from medical sites. It’s a scam I tell you. I can understand some of the principles (being so neat and organized as I am ;) ).

IDS can be caused by:
Stacks of paper or folders on your desk
Drinking cups with leftover liquid from days (or more) prior
Too many photographs or miscellaneous items that you do not use
Poor posture

Cure IDS by:
De-cluttering your desk
Keep your work space clean (heard of Clorox wipes?)
Pick a few pictures or items that make you smile and keep them displayed neatly in viewing distance
File all papers / folders / items you don’t use and don’t keep them on your desk
Adjust the way you sit to improve posture
So there you have it my IDS friends – you cam be cured! ;)

Here are a few pictures including my space. What do you think of mine; too messy, too clean or a nice balance?




 (side note: the rainbow colored smiley faces were there before I was moved here and the shamrocks were placed on my overhead by another employee... they're just seasonal)

After taking this picture, I don't feel like my desk has much character. I think it's time for a desk make-over. Any suggestions?

On another note, I registered for the Pig today… YAY!!!

I’m still enjoying training but trying to be cautious not to hurt myself.

Happy Running <3

Monday, March 14, 2011

Not so great run

Well, there was plenty of light outside for us to go for a run when we got home last night. Thank you Spring Forward! I love getting more light in the evening and with that brings the warmer weather. I am SO ready for the warmer ready.

Last nights run... A little chilly + runny nose + urge to go to the restroom + Garmin dying less than .2 into the run (although it still made a chirping noise every few minutes) = a not so great run. I was really glad to get outside but it could have gone better!

Tonight is a 4-miler and I'm expecting it to go much better! I'm pretty excited for tonight... 4 mile run, season finale of the Bachelor, and I am trying a new zucchini lasagna. YUM! At least I think it sounds delicious! I hope it turns out that way. I will be sure to update you!

Random question: Do you read the 'about' page when you find new blogs? Mine is very simple and to the point, but I have been thinking of giving it a makeover. I have had the opportunity to share my journey on health and fitness and wonder if that would be a good testimony to put on my 'about' page. Let me know your thoughts.

Happy Running <3

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Half way there

Friday's are my long runs in training for the half. Two days ago was my seven mile run. I finished it in 1:12:15 which was a few minutes less than I had anticipated. I must say I was pretty excited. I had to stop for a quick second to fuel up about mile three but felt SO great after I was finished.

I'm really getting excited for the race! 12 miles is the most I've done in a day. Today is my recovery run and I hope by the time we get home there's still enough daylight for me to do it outside. We were in Cleveland all weekend visiting my sister-in-law and her family. It was chilly with 5+ inches of snow. Thanks to Facebook, I was able to see my friends back home posting about the beautiful Spring weather they were having ;(

I hope everyone is doing great! Happy running <3
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