Monday, September 20, 2010

My failed attempt

Here was my plan for this past week and how I actually did.

13th Monday rest actually completed rest

14th Tuesday 5 miles actually completed 0

15th Wednesday 5 miles actually completed 3

16th Thursday 5 miles actually completed 6

17th Friday rest actually completed rest

18th Saturday 3 miles actually completed 4.15

19th Sunday 2 miles actually completed 0

Total Miles: 20 Total Completed: 13.15 – FAIL

UGH. Some good days, some bad… I very much a creature of habit, I need to use that to my advantage. When I am scheduled to do miles on my lunch, I tend to not want to get out of my ‘work’ mode.

Here is the Plan for this week.

20th Monday 5

21st Tuesday 5

22nd Wednesday 5

23rd Thursday rest

24th Friday rest

25th Saturday – 5K RACE

26th Sunday 2

Total Miles: 20


  1. Good luck with your race this weekend! You'll do awesome :]

  2. @chloe - thank you!!! I've been wating to run this race for quite a while!!! =o)


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