Monday, January 10, 2011

Some News

Last year I set a few goals... in 2011, run some 10K's and then a half marathon in the fall; in 2012, run a half marathon in the spring and then a full in the fall.

The half marathon is coming sooner than  I expected. I meet with a group on Thursday nights and we talk not only about nutrition and exercise, but about over-all well being. A few of the girls have decided to walk/jog a half marathon in May. Guess who gets to head it up?!? Yours truly! This will be my farthest distance so far and I have to admit it makes me really nervous. No, I think it's excitement... maybe it's both! Training starts in 4 weeks!

On another note I got my last Christmas present over the weekend! My sister ordered it in the mail and it finally arrived! I CAN'T WAIT for it to get a little warmer outside so I can wear it!!!

Two questions...
1. Can you give me any tips or advice for a first half marathon?
2. If I walk/jog (and not run) the half, can I still get a 13.1 sticker for my car? 


  1. If you finish the half, you can get your 13.1 sticker no matter how you finish it! You can definitely do a run/walk combo if you want!

    My best advice is to make sure you have good nutrition & hydration in the days leading up to the race as well as the day of the race.

    Also, don't head out too fast. It can be easy with all the excitement of a race to want to go faster, but keep it at a pace you can handle for all 13.1.

    Good luck!

  2. I just did my first half, and while I ran the whole thing except for two hills and a part in the woods, here's my advice:

    * You can get a 13.1 sticker regardless of how fast you finish or how much you walk, as long as you complete the entire 13.1 you are entitled to proudly display a sticker. When you finish everyone will cheer for you and no one will care how much of it you walked.

    * Don't worry about running the whole 13.1 prior the race. My longest run was 11 and everyone told me I was more than prepared. I didn't believe it until I talked to some people whose longest run was actually 8 miles... if you can go 10 you're good because it's just a 5K after that.

    * When you up your distance to 9-10 miles, yoga is really awesome if you get sore. Oh, and totally agree with the previous person about being too fast. I had to let all those 5Kers pass me during mine, but then in the end I knew I'd accomplished something far greater by running that extra 10, ya know?


  3. Good luck- I would recommend training in a stable way so you don't burn-out and listening to your body to avoid injuries!

  4. YES you can still get the sticker! You put in the miles so it totally counts!!! Good luck hope the meeting went well! :0)


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