Thursday, March 24, 2011

Does that make me crazy?

The radio station I listen to does a segment in the mornings called ‘Does that make me crazy?’ Basically you call in and confess odd things that you do. In light of this segment, I thought I would share a few quirky things about myself.

1. If I spray something (perfume, cleaner, air freshener, etc), I will hold my breath until after I’ve sprayed and walked away… I can’t stand the thought of breathing in whatever I just sprayed in the air. If I’m looking for a new scent in something, I’ll spray it, turn away for enough time to let it settle and then take a sniff.

2. I love the heat. When it’s really hot outside and I get in my car, I will sit in the heat for a few minutes before actually turning on the air. Unfortunately this only works if I’m by myself, I have found other people do not like the heat as much as I do.

3. If I have to use the restroom (which I do a lot because I am CONSTANTLY drinking water) I won’t eat. I feel like I can’t really enjoy my food if I have the urge to go potty.

So there are just a few... really, I could go on and on. Do you have a quirk that might make you crazy?

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