Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Blog...

I decided to start a new blog for all of my running info. I've always enjoyed running, but just recently decided to start being more committed to it.

Two weeks ago I ran a 5K. I was SO excited the night before that I could NOT fall asleep. I am not fast by any means. I finished in 32:28. My goal right now is to improve my mile time.

My goals current goals are:
For 2010, I plan to do 2 5K’s, and 1 10K.
For 2011, I plan to do 2 10K’s and 1 half marathon.
For 2012, I plan to run my first full marathon.

These goals may change if I want to do some races sooner than later!

Hope you will follow me on my journey to offer advice and encouragement!


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  1. Very encouraging to see your goals set forth. You can do it!


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