Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bad Run

I went for a  run this morning and it was really bad. It found its place at the #2 spot for my worse run. I planned to do 8 miles and was really excited; the weather was beautiful and not humid. Since I don't have a device to track my miles while I'm running, I downloaded an APP to my phone to do the same thing. Only bad thing is that I would have to carry my phone with me on my run.

So I start my warm up, playing with the new app to get it up and running... It can't pick up GPS signal... ugh. So I call my hubby and he says I have to go in to my maps section and enable my GPS tracking. Okay, sounds easy enough. Went to my maps app and it doesn't give me the option to turn it on or off (well, I couldn't find it at least). At this point, I'm already half mile in and don't plan to walk back to put my phone away, so I have to carry it with me. I put it in it's little holder and off I go... Then the phone decides to fall out of the case just a few steps in. Really?!? So I try again, same thing happens. Okay, I guess I am literally carrying the phone the rest of the way.

I'm running and start to feel completely exhausted and out of breath, to the point I feel I need to sit down. I had run less than .2 miles. WHAT?!? This has only happened once before, the very first time I tried to do a morning run. I rest for a bit and try to push through. Around mile 2, I start to feel dizzy and lightheaded. That's not a good sign so I figured it was time to head back. The 8 miles wasn't going to happen today. I wound up walking back most of the way because I didn't want to over do it.

Needless to say, it was a really frustrating run (/walk). I really think it's because I am not properly nourished for a morning run. I need to do some research. Do I eat/drink anything before? What if it's right after I wake up that I'm doing my run?

On a brighter note, I'm signing up for two 5K's in September and still on the hunt for a 10K for the month of October.

If anyone has nutrition advice, let me know!


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  1. aw I am sorry about your bad run, BUT I am excited to hear about your upcoming goals! :)


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