Saturday, July 24, 2010

Warning: Grahpic Images

Last week I had these crazy bumps on my arm and a few on my neck. I thought they were an allergic reaction to an oil I had used. I've had allergic reactions before and they usually go away in a few days. This one was different. It got progressively worse, and then it started itching :( I figured I would give it a few more days, and if it didn't go away, I'd check in with the doctor. So, here they are - two pictures... warning, they're really gross (and I wore long sleeves while I had them to cover it up).

I checked in with my sister because she is around kids ALL the time and sees all kinds of crazy stuff. I sent her the first picture and she said it looked like a chicken wing. LOL. It really was as textured as it looks. Even worse actually. She wasn't sure exactly what it was.

Next, I was showing a few people at work, and one lady told me she thought it was poison ivy. I told her I hadn't been in any weeds/grass/etc. and she said her dad got in air-born. She said he exfoliated every day and because his pores were open, he was able to contract it through the air. Crazy? Yes. Unheard of? Apparently not...

So it didn't go away and I ventured to get some professional advice. She said while she had never seen the bumps so small, it appeared to be poison ivy/oak. FABULOUS! I told her I hadn't been in any weeds/grass/etc. and she asked if I had been anywhere where I could have gotten it through the air. I said the only place I could think of is when I run at the park. She said my pores would have been open and if it was in the air, that's where I would have gotten it. I still think it sounds crazy, but I guess it can happen.

Any ideas on how to prevent that? I love my runs at the park but really don't want to go through that again!


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