Monday, August 30, 2010

Week at a glance

Here was my plan for this past week and how I actually did.

23rd Monday 5 miles        Actually Completed: 5
24th Tuesday 2.75 miles    Actually Completed: 2.75
25th Wednesday 5 miles   Actually Completed: 3
26th Thursday 2 miles       Actually Completed: 3
27th Friday rest                Actually Completed: 0
28th Saturday 2.75 miles  Actually Completed: 0
29th Sunday 3 miles         Actually Completed: 3.5
Total Miles = 20.5           Total Completed: 17.25

Blue represents the days I met or exceeded my goal. I was 3.25 miles short… I’ll do better this week!

Here is the Plan for this week.
30th Monday 4 miles
31st Tuesday 3 miles
1st Wednesday 3 miles
2nd Thursday rest
3rd Friday 5 miles
4th Saturday 5 miles
5th Sunday rest

QOTD: Is there a strategic way you should plan out your miles?

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  1. I honestly just plan my miles according to my training plan! :) Looks like you have been doing good keeping up with your mileage! Hope you are having a great week!!!


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