Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Slacking Already?

Yesterday I was supposed to get 4 miles in. I didn’t do any. I went to the grocery since I didn’t go on Sunday (my usual shopping day) and it took me a little longer than normal. I found a few new recipes that I wanted to try so I had to get all the ingredients. I’m not a big cooker/baker (yet) so I didn’t know what all the ingredients were. It probably would have helped if I would have looked the ones that I didn’t recognize up online before going. It probably would have saved me time. I finally got home and unpacked everything which was when I should have head out for my run. Instead, I was SO excited to make Baked Cherry Pie Breakfast Pudding that I stayed home and did that instead. YUM!!!

I made up for it a little bit today. I got 5 miles in instead of my planned 3. I’ll get there!
On another note… I joined in on the great thing that they’re doing at Operation Beautiful. I love this site and am really excited for what they are doing! In today’s world younger girls see models and TV actresses and think they have to look like them to be beautiful. I’m hoping this wave covers all women but mainly the younger girls who might be struggling! It’s simple, leave a note somewhere, take a picture of it, and send it to them!


  1. I love the concept of Operation Beautiful! I know it has made a huge impact! :0)

    Yum that pudding sounds awesome!

  2. I'll have to look into operation beautiful! I was just talking about young girls and the way they think they have to look super skinny to be beautiful with someone the other day!!


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