Thursday, September 23, 2010

Challenge Update 30/100 + 3 Things Thursday

Here are the updates on my 100 day challenge with Courtney from Run, Courtney, Run:

1. Create and maintain healthy eating habits
I’m doing good on this one and kind of excited about it. I grabbed a Vegan Cookbook to get some clean recipes. I’m not going Vegan and will still eat eggs and such, but I figured it’d be a great way to find new recipes. That and the blog world has a ton of good ones too! I will do a post about one of my new favorite blogs really soon!

2. Run 20 miles each week
Goal #2 is going to be a HUGE FAIL for this week! Seriously, I think I’ll be lucky if I hit 5 miles.

3. Lower my body fat %
I’m doing great on this one too! I have to admit, the past few years it’s only moved up or down about 1%. I’m really seeing progress now and I love it!!!!

Three Things Thursday

1. I can’t express how busy it has been this past week. I’ve decided that I need to step down from a few things to get my sanity back and to not always be crazy busy. I let one commitment go this week and next week will be my last week for another commitment. After that, instead of having commitments Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I’ll only have my Wednesday, Thursday commitments. I’m SOOO excited about these two things! More on those things in a later post!

2. This past Tuesday we had another team building exercise with work. This time we went to the park, grilled out, and played volleyball! SO much fun!

3. I’ve been tossing around the idea of getting a certification in Nutrition & Wellness. I don’t want to use it to change careers. I just want it to be more knowledgeable for myself and to be able to help others achieve/maintain their goals. Any thoughts or advice?

Hope you’re having a great week!

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  1. way to go w/your 100 day challenge! 20 miles is a high goal, so don't be too hard on yourself!

    getting certified in nutrition & wellness is also something i'm interested in as well. i think you should go for it!


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