Monday, September 27, 2010

Race Update and Miles for this week

This past weekend was the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure. Can you see me? I'm about the 10th row back in the middle in the pink shirt. You can't miss me ;)

2010 Race Start Line

I was really excited for this race! I've wanted to run it for quite some time now, and I finally have! It was great and I plan to do it again! The course had more hills that my last two races, and my training last week was not so great. My goal was just to finish. I got to minute 28 and started coughing a bunch (I need to get my asthma checked again). I started walking because of how bad it was, and two people came up behind me. They said "come on, you've only got about two minutes left, you can do it!" (I love races). So I kicked my butt in to gear, ran my little heart out, and beat my last PR by 49 seconds =o) Woo-Hoo! My next 5K goal will be to run it sub 30! That's one (of the many) thing I love about running. While some people may not be as fast as the 1st place runner (he ran it in about 16 minutes), we each have our own goals and have others there to support us and encourage us along the way =o) 

Now... on to my plan for this week. I will not recap my miles for last week because I may, or may not have only run 3.1 miles the ENTIRE week! No need to dwell on the past though, so on to this week! 

27 Monday - 5 miles  (check!)
28 Tuesday - 6 miles
29 Wednesday - 5 miles
30 Thursday - Rest
1 Friday - Rest
2 Saturday - 4 miles
3 Sunday - Leisure run

Have a great week!


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