Thursday, October 7, 2010

One of those weeks

Do you ever have one of those weeks that just doesn't go as planned? This is one of those weeks. I'm a bit of a planner, so at the beginning of the week, I plan out meals, and schedule my workouts to make sure I fit everything in. My workouts are usually scheduled during my lunch break unless I'm going for a longer run. Well, when I sat down to do my scheduling, I only had 3 meetings scheduled for this week, so working out was not going to be an issue... I had 5 meetings today alone, and others throughout the week.... Planning, I see you running right through the door! Catch ya next week!

Do you get frustrated when life gets too crazy? I'm learning to not get as frustrated but my body can just tell a huge difference when I skip workouts vs. when I stick to my schedule! Today was good though... While I did have a little time that I could have hit the gym, I opted to go out for coffee with the boss and a co-worker instead. In the midst of my craziness, it was a nice break.

Tonight was the new nutrition class I've been attending and it was SO great. The instructor briefly talked about an article she received on 12 ways people sabotage their healthy lifestyles (or get a bad return for your investment ;) ) I am not sure exactly where she got this from, but know it's not mine :)
1. Not exercising enough
2. Not enough sleep
3. Too much stress
4. Skipping meals
5. Too many calories
6. Portion size
7. Too lax about diet and exercise
8. Weekends (unplanned meals)
9. Being impatient (in regards to your progress)
10. Medical conditions
11. Hit plateau
12. Don't need to lose weight (you tell yourself you're fine where you are to excuse a bad choice)

Yep - I was an epic fail of the test. I'm not getting a good return on my investment!

On the subject - here's how I'm doing with my 100 day challenge...
1. Create and maintain healthy eating habits - I'm trying on this one, but not doing so great this week, I'm starting to let myself slip and that's not a good thing.

2. Run 20 miles each week - Fail for the current week (see above)

3. Lower my body fat % - this one is still good - it's less than when I started

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  1. Hi! I just found your blog through the 100 Day Challenge link over at Court's. I am a total planner too - when I don't plan I get off-course pretty quickly. Looking forward to following your journey!


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