Friday, December 17, 2010

And so it begins...

This weekend starts my Christmas festivities! What better way to start than having the huge snowfall yesterday and making for a white Christmas! I was blessed enough to be able to work from home! Also, my wonderful husband went out and helped his friend do some snow plowing and when he got home at 1 in the morning, he was kind enough to clean off my car. That way I wouldn't have to do it this morning when I left! <3 He is so great!

Back to the festivities... Tonight is a date night for me and the wonderful hubby, tomorrow is Christmas with his immediate family, and then Sunday is Christmas with my extended family. Friday (the 24th) is Christmas with my immediate family, and then Christmas day is with his extended family! Lots of time with family, and we're blessed to not have to make choices on who we're going to spend time with since they're all on different days!

In the midst of all the craziness and GOOD eating, I have to be sure to fit in time for my exercising! I feel very BLAH when I don't!

OH yes, before I forget, Staci at Impossible is Nothing is having a giveaway - check it out here.

What steps do you take to make sure you get in your exercise when life gets crazy?

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  1. Wow! Lots of celebration coming up for you. It all sounds wonderful though.


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