Monday, December 27, 2010

Gym Bags

I’m on the hunt for the perfect gym bag. I seem to go through many bags, hoping that ONE of them will be the perfect fit for all my essentials AND be comfortable to carry. I did the same thing with purses. I finally found one (or 5, but the same brand) that actually worked for me, and now I stick with that one brand.
In my head, I’m picturing a backpack (so it will go over both shoulders) with a classy/stylish look to it. Does this exist?

Here are the essentials I need to carry in my bag…

1. Gym clothes – shorts/pants, shirt, sports bra, extra pair of undies, socks, and shoes. I switch out of my work clothes into these, so my work clothes will then need to fit in the bag while I’m wearing the gym clothes

2. Make up bag – I need to freshen up my face after I get sweaty. This bag also carries a small brush and my hair ties

3. iPod – While I don’t run with this often, I do use it when I’m working out by myself

4. A few toiletries – this includes but is not limited to deodorant, perfume and baby powder

5. Chapstick - I have one of these almost everywhere. One in my car, one in my purse, one in my desk, one in my gym bag, and one in my husbands pocket (ha, ha, he always carries one, so I can ask him for his)

6. Watch/HRM – great for my workouts and when I run

7. Gum – I’m a heavy breather when I run, and I workout with people sometimes, so there’s no need for bad breath

8. Keys and a wallet – when I take my bag to work, it also serves as my purse. I just lock up my keys and wallet in my desk until I’m ready to go

9. My lunch – this one is optional. Right now I throw my lunch bag in my gym bag to lessen the number of items I carry. I don’t prefer to look like a bag lady. Simple does it!

I mean, that’s not too much right?!? And if I could, I’d like a little extra room… just because I hate clutter.
I’ve gone through a few duffle bags, but I hate having all the weight on my one shoulder. When I carry my laptop at the same time, it looks like I should fall over.

Okay, can anyone help me? My readers are limited, so if anyone wants to give additional help and also ask their readers, I’d be VERY grateful!!!!

Thanks all!

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  1. Hey, you added me on Daily Mile so I'll comment. My gym bag is a medium sized Nike bag I got at TJ Maxx for like $15. It was cheap enough and does the trick.

    One girl I know got a backpack style that was made for soccer, and I would really recommend that, I think that's what I'll do next. It has a place for the ball on the outside, but she puts her running shoes there and all her clothes/makeup/ipod/etc inside. This is what she got:,search,searchList-backpack#l=shop,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-100701/pid-177326

    Amy Lauren


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