Friday, February 11, 2011

On another note...

Okay so this is a little off the running subject... Is anyone familliar with skin care (for your face)? I finally have a skin care routine that really works for me. BUT, I've been told it's important to exfolliate at least once a week. I actually only do it like once a month because every time I do I break out REALLY BAD. Normally with my routine, I hardly ever have a zit... Within 2 days of exfolliating, I have at least 3 bad ones :( Right now - there's 8 and I guess the reason I'm posting this. Do I really have to exfolliate or can I just quit? Is there a long term effect I'll be missing if I stop?

On another note, and back to running... training week 1 was great. I'm really excited that it is going to be in the 40's this weekend. It's been in the 20's for the past few weeks. I'm going to get outside to run and enjoy every minute of it :)

Tonight the hubby and I are going to a marriage coference at our church. They haven't had one in almost three years so I'm pretty excited about it.

Last random and then I'm out... Does anyone know how to get rid of (or satisfy in a healthy way) sweet cravings?

Happy Running!

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  1. I don't exfoliate because I break out like you. My skin is nice and my dermatologist has commented on it so I don't think it is important to exfoliate. I hope you had a good time at your marriage conference


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