Wednesday, March 16, 2011

IDS and Registration

In the locker room at the gym they always have healthy tips posted. Right now the tip is regarding IDS and how real it is. For those of you wondering what this mysterious acronym is, IDS = Irritable Desk Syndrome… I kid you not. I googled IDS and got all kinds of crazy finds, none of them being its said meaning. Next I tried irritable desk syndrome. Now I didn’t shuffle through the 155,000 results google found, but I glanced at the first few pages. None of the finds were from medical sites. It’s a scam I tell you. I can understand some of the principles (being so neat and organized as I am ;) ).

IDS can be caused by:
Stacks of paper or folders on your desk
Drinking cups with leftover liquid from days (or more) prior
Too many photographs or miscellaneous items that you do not use
Poor posture

Cure IDS by:
De-cluttering your desk
Keep your work space clean (heard of Clorox wipes?)
Pick a few pictures or items that make you smile and keep them displayed neatly in viewing distance
File all papers / folders / items you don’t use and don’t keep them on your desk
Adjust the way you sit to improve posture
So there you have it my IDS friends – you cam be cured! ;)

Here are a few pictures including my space. What do you think of mine; too messy, too clean or a nice balance?




 (side note: the rainbow colored smiley faces were there before I was moved here and the shamrocks were placed on my overhead by another employee... they're just seasonal)

After taking this picture, I don't feel like my desk has much character. I think it's time for a desk make-over. Any suggestions?

On another note, I registered for the Pig today… YAY!!!

I’m still enjoying training but trying to be cautious not to hurt myself.

Happy Running <3

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  1. haha hilarious! several of our attorneys at work definitely suffer from IDS!

    And congrats on the pig! So exciting! :)


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