Monday, March 14, 2011

Not so great run

Well, there was plenty of light outside for us to go for a run when we got home last night. Thank you Spring Forward! I love getting more light in the evening and with that brings the warmer weather. I am SO ready for the warmer ready.

Last nights run... A little chilly + runny nose + urge to go to the restroom + Garmin dying less than .2 into the run (although it still made a chirping noise every few minutes) = a not so great run. I was really glad to get outside but it could have gone better!

Tonight is a 4-miler and I'm expecting it to go much better! I'm pretty excited for tonight... 4 mile run, season finale of the Bachelor, and I am trying a new zucchini lasagna. YUM! At least I think it sounds delicious! I hope it turns out that way. I will be sure to update you!

Random question: Do you read the 'about' page when you find new blogs? Mine is very simple and to the point, but I have been thinking of giving it a makeover. I have had the opportunity to share my journey on health and fitness and wonder if that would be a good testimony to put on my 'about' page. Let me know your thoughts.

Happy Running <3

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