Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pictures as promised

I was never able to get my camping pictures loaded to my computer, so I have to use my husbands computer because he was able to get them.

I have been off work this whole past week, just spending time with the hubby. We went camping, went to the Reds baseball game, hung out at the pool a few times, met his mom for lunch, visited with some friends, went roller blading, running, watched movies and just hung out. He's so great :) The fun continues this weekend. Right now he's golfing, but then we have an engagement party, then a suprise birthday dinner for a friend. Tomorrow is church and then a wedding in the evening (praying for no rain because it's outdoors). Monday is back to work :( Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my job, but it's been very nice getting to spend so much time with Chad.

Yesterday we ran 6 miles. Normally I wear my knee brace on anything over 3 miles. Yesterday my legs were feeling pretty good so I decided to skip the brace. Throughout the whole run and even after, my legs felt perfectly fine. Today my left knee/leg is a little sore though. I wonder if I will always have to wear my brace?!? When we first got to the park and were stretching, this little pug dog was running around. I thought it belonged to this girl but then she ran off and the pug stayed. He ran over to us and we pet him for a minute and looked to see if he had any tags but there were none to be found. He ran off and we continued stretching. As we started our run, Mr. Pug was back. He would run with me for a minute, get distracted by something, realize I had run off and then run really fast to catch back up. I could hear his little legs coming up behind me. This happened for a little over a mile. I knew there was a water stop at a mile and a half that has a doggy fountain and I planned on stopping to give him a drink. Prior to reaching 1.5 Mr. Pug was distracted by a ditch filled with dirty water. He wanted to stay there and relax so I didn't see him again. I hope he found his owners :(

Okay, so as promised, here are some pictures from this past weekend / week...

And some from the Reds game...

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  1. Wow what a great weekend! Love the park pictures...gorgeous! Yay for a Reds game! I love me some baseball! :0)


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