Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My lunch bag

I have been trying to eat better for a long time. I have really struggled with the sweets in the past but I feel like that’s slowly changing. With my new goal, I really need to get some more self-control in that area. Yesterday I did really well all day with my eating. After dinner, I met my protein goal and was under my sugar goal. That was the first time in a LONG time that happened! THEN – TBL came on. Last season it was a tradition for me and hubby to watch TBL and have a snack (ironic, right?!?). This season I’ve stuck to the tradition. Last night I had a bowl of Breyer’s Rocky Road Ice cream. So much for staying in my sugar range!

Today has started great and has looked more like what I need my nutrition to be! I planned ahead, which is crucial for success. My pretty new lunch tote was filled with all kinds of goodies.

Breakfast = 1 large egg + 4 egg whites made like scrambled eggs. ½ cup Quaker oats with ½ cup mixed berries

Snack 1 = 5 almonds, 1 string cheese, ½ red bell pepper

Lunch = Whole wheat sandwich thin, 6 slices turkey, 5 strawberries, green beans

Snack 2 = Chocolate protein shake

What are your favorite healthy things to have for breakfast/lunch/snacks?

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  1. I have a serious sugar problem and need to figure out a way to control it. I actually got a call from my doctor this morning and my tryclicerides were high so I need to really watch my sugars and fats to get my #'s down...
    Sounds like a great menu for the day!!


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