Monday, October 24, 2011

A new PR

Saturday was the half marathon I've been training for the past few months. I had a few different goals for this; to finish under an 11 minute/mile and to run the whole thing. Well - I finihsed 2:18:22 which equals out to a 10:33 min/mile! This is also 40 seconds faster per mile than my last half!!! AND I ran the whole thing! I was SO excited! I had a friend join me for the run too - that was really nice! When I started to feel like I wanted to stop, she kept me going!

My supportive hubby was at the finish line to take pictures. He snapped me finishing at the perfect time! He said the couple next to him commented that I didn't even look like I broke a sweat! Ha!

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  1. congratulations! awesome time, and awesome PR! you DO look awesome for just having run a half marathon. :)


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