Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another Week Gone By!

Wow! This past week has FLOWN by!

Here was my plan for this past week and how I actually did.
30th Monday 4 miles Actually Completed: 0
31st Tuesday 3 miles Actually Completed: 5
1st Wednesday 3 miles Actually Completed: 5
2nd Thursday rest Actually Completed: 3.1
3rd Friday 5 miles Actually Completed: 0
4th Saturday 5 miles Actually Completed: 0
5th Sunday rest Actually Completed: 0
Total Miles = 20 Total Completed: 13.1

Blue represents the days I met or exceeded my goal. I was A LOT of miles short… Not to throw out excuses but we had a lot of family things going on with the holiday weekend. I need to kick into gear!!! I’m doing pretty good so far this week! Tomorrow and Sunday I have to be sure to get my miles in. Saturday is a definite and I’m going for a PR! Wish me luck!

Here is the Plan for this week.
6th Monday 3 miles – already completed
7th Tuesday 5 miles – already completed
8th Wednesday 5 miles
9th Thursday rest
10th Friday rest
11th Saturday RACE (5K)
12th Sunday 2


  1. haha, i would so not have posted my "actual" workout :) it would make me feel bad :)

    that's still better than laying on the couch though! good luck on your race!

  2. @gmontalvo13 Lol, it stinks I didn't actually get to it, BUT it makes me accountable if I post it :)


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